Metabolism & Nutrition

Nutrition & metabolism impact your health, wellbeing, performance – and body weight. Nutrition can be specifically used to promote health and for the prevention and treatment of diseases. Nutrition is medicine.

A number of diseases are caused or at least aggravated by unhealthy nutrition. “Metabolic Syndrome” is based on insulin resistance, a reduced action of insulin. Metabolic syndrome is apparent by a combination of factors such as increased abdominal fat, elevated blood pressure of blood glucose, and altered blood lipids leading to type 2 diabetes and heart attack. However, dietary changes efficiently counteract these alterations and prevents its complications.

Metabolism is strongly regulated by a variety of hormones. These are investigated in case of unexplained weight gain or weight loss.

Your personal dietary habits are an important basis for an effective consultation. Based on this information, I will discuss with you changes that effectively address health issues such as diabetes, elevated blood lipids, hypertension, and overweight/obesity.

Since I am heading the clinic for inborn diseases of metabolism in adults, I also counsel you with respect to the possibility of a rare genetic disorder. Some of them, like storage disorders such as Gaucher’s disease, may become clinically apparent in adulthood.

My competence and experience are the basis of state-of-the-art individual consultation on metabolism and nutrition. Nutrition medicine was a long-standing focus in my clinical and scientific work at the Medical University of Vienna (see CV). In addition, I was a long-standing board member of the Austrian Academic Institute for Nutrition Medicine and I am actively teaching nutrition medicine to colleagues. Furthermore, I am scientific advisor of the German Obesity Society.