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Prof. Thomas M. Stulnig, M.D.

“In my private practice I provide expert consultation with personal medical care.”

As a senior internal medicine specialist I cared for patients at the Medical University & General Hospital in Vienna. In 2019 I was appointed Head of the Department of Medicine III at Clinic Hietzing, one of the most renowned metabolic clinics in Austria. As an endocrinologist, I focus on metabolic and endocrine diseases including thyroid disorders, diabetes, lipid (cholesterol) disorders, inborn diseases of metabolism and nutrition medicine.

Expertise & Experience

For years, I have been intensively engaged clinically and scientifically in internal medicine, particularly endocrinology & metabolic diseases, in Austria and at the Karolinska Institute, Sweden. I frequently attend national and international medical congresses to keep up to date with the very latest developments. Furthermore, I share my knowledge and experience with other physicians in Austria and abroad. All this is of direct benefit to my patients.

Personal Medicine & Communication

My goal is to tailor scientific evidence combined with my extensive medical experience to your particular situation. Diagnostic workup and therapeutic steps are balanced with your preferences. I am convinced that patients’ understanding of their medical situation will improve successful outcomes.


I consider optimal service to be an essential part of top-level medicine. I can be contacted easily via email or phone, my practice is easily accessible by public transport or car, appointments are available until late in the evening, patients receive text reminders, & more. We are fluent in English.

Internistische Privatordination mit Schwerpunkt auf Stoffwechsel- und Hormonerkrankungen (Schilddrüse, Diabetes, Blutfette)