Hypertension (high blood pressure) is generally defined by systolic and diastolic blood pressure above 140 and 90 mm Hg, respectively. Self-measured blood pressure should not exceed 135 and 85 mm Hg, respectively. High blood pressure elicits stroke, but also heart attack, heart failure and kidney failure.

High blood pressure during pregnancy infers severe risks for mother and baby and requires a particular approach.

Causes underlying high blood pressure in an individual often remain obscure. Certain situations, however, require a thorough investigation. Since some endocrine disorders provoke hypertension, these have to be diagnosed and treated accordingly.

A number of drugs reduce blood pressure with no or minimal side effects. Several factors determine, which drug will be of optimal benefit for you. I will discuss these issues and consider them for the prescription.

As I headed the hypertension clinic at the Medical University of Vienna for many years, I can offer you consultation at highest competence.